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Flashboard Risers

A flashboard riser, or weir box, is an overflow-type dam commonly used to control the water level in crop irrigation or ponds.

Water flows over the top board or dam of the flashboard riser and is released at a level below the top of the weir. The crest of an overflow spillway on a large dam is often called a weir.

Our flashboard risers are designed with high production, low cost/ maintenance farming operations in mind. Installs easily on existing culverts or new installations can be easily replaced if damaged.


Each standard flashboard riser is painted with lift resistant red primer. Add a safety red paint for high visibility for an additional $20.00.



We make our flashboards to fit your pipe - when ordering please tell us what size and type of pipe/culvert you will be using



WildPaint "Wild Grasses" Paint                       Default Color

Primer Only                                                                 No Charge but must be requested

Prices Updated:  April 6th, 2023

Prices subject to change
Tax and Shipping are not included



  Special Features:
  • Built with 12 gauge steel for superior durability

  • Coated with a custom formulated oil-based paint for extreme exposure. 

  • Our “no welding required” design forms a collar around the culvert and exerts a strong clamping force by its multiple take up points. This design also allows secure installations on “out of round” or odd size pipe.

  • Accessories available are our “Beaver Guard” and cut to length boards.

  • Our flashboard risers use standard 2x4" lumber for dam boards, readily available from any lumber company. Or choose to have them included in your order - at an additional cost.

The picture shown on the left is a 24" wide x 30" tall flashboard riser fitted to a 15" Steel corrugated culvert with an installed "Quick Gate(discontinued)."

We keep a large inventory of unfinished riser boxes in stock which can be fitted to any steel pipe or plastic culvert.

We can fabricate custom designed flashboard risers to suit the needs of our customer.




Since we introduced our flashboard riser design in 2000, few changes have been made to the standard model. 


Plastic culvert/pipe fits over band of Flashboard

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 Sizes up to 54" x 72"


Remember to order a Beaver Guard 

to keep out those unwanted pests

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