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Since we introduced our pit design in 1999, few changes have been made to our standard model. Our Duck Pits are built with 11 to 12 gauge steel and coated with rust proof primer and all weather Wild Grasses paint.


At Osceola Machine Works, quality & durability is our goal but we keep price in mind. We are constantly updating our equipment and improving our manufacturing process to make better products at a more economical price.






















Our storage box and dog box does not interfere with

your hunting space - The storage box is 6' long, 15" height

and 12" deep. The dog box is 24" long , 36" wide and 15"




Heavy duty flip downs ensure years of trouble free service.

Fabricated with ½” solid round stock and schedule 40 pipe hinges.


Advantages include:

  •   Will not break if stepped on.

  •   Open design make calls sound less muffled. 

  •   Faster than other flat down flips.




Step into the pit: The dog box, as shown above on right, provides

both an area for the dogs and a step for easy entrance to the pit.

Extra large & deep dog box for the biggest retrievers or lots of storage space.

Pit lifting lugs on all corners.


Model                Seats               Size                                                                       Price
DP12-1            4 Men             12' Pit with Dog Box                                            $1700.00

DP16-2            6 Men             16' Pit with 2 Dog Boxes                                    $2300.00
DP20-2            8 Men             20' Pit with 2 Dog Boxes                                    $3600.00



DP-Ladder                  Duck Pit Ladder                            $   100.00     $75.00 with pit purchase
DPGR                            Duck Pit Gun Rack                       $   25.00      $15.00 with pit purchase

DP12-HR                    Half Roof Set for 12' Pit             $    Call for up to date prices.

DP16-HR                    Half Roof Set for 16' Pit             $    Call for up to date prices.

DP20-HR                    Half Roof Set for 20' Pit             $    Call for up to date prices.

DP24-HR                    Half Roof Set for 24' Pit             $    Call for up to date prices.

DP12-RT                    Roll top set for 12' pit                 $    Call for up to date prices.

DP16-RT                    Roll top set for 16' pit                 $    Call for up to date prices.

DP20-RT                    Roll top set for 20' pit                 $    Call for up to date prices.



Prices Updated:  May 21, 2024

Prices subject to change website may not be accurate based on date. 
Tax and Shipping are not included

Our professionally fabricated pits have machine formed edges providing many  advantages to those formed with angle iron. Our Pits have no sharp edges to snag your expensive waders.  No overlapping of steel to cause rust. No rough welds or cuts to catch loose clothing.


Bottom line, our pit is stronger!

Extra wide sliding seat included with every pit. Rugged all steel construction for years of service. Slides left/right to allow shooting from both directions.


Other advantages include:

  •   Does not break when stepped on.

  •   Formed corners are easier on the legs.

  •   Does not float.

  •   Will not rot.

Inside  view of one of our

duck pits

Duck Pit Accessory: Keep your guns safe and secure while waiting on the ducks! 

12” anchoring flange system keeps your pit securely in the ground. Our flanges are part of the pit, not added to the pit after fabrication.


Other features include:

  •   5/8” solid square kickers secure sides.

  •   Flange extends full length on both sides of the pit.

  •   Design allows a more flat bottom for better installation.

  •   Less chance for air pockets when burying pit.


Display duckpit model in showroom details our widely recognized quality construction. 

The Duck Pit Ladder easily fits anywhere on your pit for your convenience 

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