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Duck Blinds

Our Skid Blinds are made to move easily-The steel skids and our all weather paint allow for long wear 




The Seat and Flooring in the skid blinds are made from durable 2"x6" treated lumber making your time in this skid comfortable


Duck blinds kept in Stock year round

Seats and floor installed upon order



Gun Rack holds 2 guns and 2 coffee mugs. A convenience most worthy of only $15

With flip downs on both sides, our blinds allow hunters to shoot safely from both sides.



"Duck Blind is ready!" featured in GameKeepers Winter Edition. Photo taken at the BioLogic Waterfowl Research Facility. See article by clicking here!



As with all our products, we fabricate customer designed blinds to suit the needs of the individual. 


If you have a special request, please feel free to contact us.

The 10-foot Skid Blind, our #1 seller allows 4 men to hunt comfortably.


The dog platform attaches easily to the skid blinds and keeps your dog safely out of the way.

Flip downs are designed for easy flipping on both sides of the blind.











Model          Size                 Price

DP5-SKID               5' skid blind              $ 700.00
DP10-SKID            10' skid blind            $ 1500.00
DP16-SKID            16' skid blind            $ 2500.00


Dog Platform  Fits any of our skid blinds     $ 100.00

Gun Rack                                                                $ 25.00

5ft Skid HR       Half Roof for 5' Skid              $ 400

10ft Skid HR     Half Roof for 10' Skid           $ 800

16ft Skid HR     Half Roof for 16' Skid           $ 1200

Prices Updated: May 21, 2024

Prices subject to change. May not be accurate based on date
Tax and Shipping are not included

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