A flap gate is a flow control device that, in principle, functions as a check valve, allowing water to flow through it in only one direction.

Our economical flap gates are often used to prevent ditches “backing up” and flooding into crop land.  Our flapgates are f
abricated from 12 gauge steel with no plastic to melt or deteriorate.

Front view of a flap gate installed on a 24” corrugated culvert. Sizes up to 36” culvert are keep in stock. 


Flap Gates

Special Features:
  • Extra wide band securely holds gate to out of square or out of round culverts.

  • ​Easily installs with no welding

  • Specially designed connectors allow the flap gate to fit securely to any pipe or culvert (steel or plastic)

  • Thoroughly seals to itself, regardless of the pipes end cut.

  • Simple rod & pipe hinge doesn't stick.

  • Flap seals against the band, not against the pipe and is adjustable to assure best fit.

  • Extra long carriage head bolts and adjustable brackets for custom fit.

  • ​With our simple rod and pipe hinge design, our flap gates allow the gate to be opened completely for unrestricted access.

Model/Size    Price-Corr. Steel Culvert     Price-Plastic Culvert

12" Flap Gate                            $195.00                                         $206.25                                          
15" Flag Gate                             $215.00                                         $232.00
18" Flap Gate                             $261.00                                         $266.00                                            

24" Flap Gate                             $310.00                                         $322.00
30" Flap Gate                             $490.00                                         $546.50

36" Flap Gate                             $600.00                                         $735.00

42" Flap Gate                             $760.75                                         $758.50

48" Flap Gate                             $896.50                                         $890.50


Wild Grasses Paint                   Default Color

Red Paint                                      $  20.00

All Flap Gates are coated with Lift resistant Red Primer

Prices Updated:  July 12, 2018
Prices subject to change
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